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What to Expect From Gaming Platforms in 2013

 The world of technology is abuzz with rumors and news about the newest gaming platforms. 2013 is set to be a huge year for gaming, with the expected release of the PlayStation 4, the Xbox 720, and even a new platform called the Ouya. A huge number of games are also set to be released this year. However, while we do have a good idea of what platforms are going to be released, one of the big questions is what the specs of said platforms will be. Will they be a big upgrade from previous systems? Here is a roundup of the rumors for the gaming platforms.

PlayStation 4

Playstation 4 Gaming

The PlayStation 4 is set to be one of the biggest releases for 2013 in the gaming world, rivaled only by the Xbox 720. Itís been made official that the PS4 will be released this year, with an expected release late this year, in time for Christmas. We even know what most of the specifications of the system are going to be. The PS4 is expected to have a whopping 8GB of RAM. When compared to the PS3ís 256MB, this is a huge upgrade. This kind of upgrade will be necessary to accommodate for more advanced games that will require more RAM to run properly. That seems to be the biggest expected upgrade for the PS4. Like the PS3, the PS4 will have a Blu-ray player and a wireless chipset, which will be the same. The second big upgrade to the PS4 will be the 8-core Jaguar processor, which when compared to the PS3ís 7 core system is also a fairly hefty upgrade. Again, this kind of upgrade will be useful in accommodating for more CPU heavy games, of which there are sure to be some great ones.

Xbox 720

The Xbox 720 is the only system that will rival the PlayStation 4 in 2013. While we are not 100% certain that it will be released in 2013, many analysts have said that it should be out by Christmas in order to rival the PS4 in the Christmas season. The specs of the Xbox 720 are also a little more under wraps compared to the PS4. One of the expected upgrades to the Xbox system is in the Kinect. It is expected that the Xbox Kinect will be much more integral to the way that the system runs and is used and because of this, every Xbox system is expected to come with a Kinect camera with it. The Xbox 720, like the PS4 is expected to have an 8-core processor and 8GB of RAM. The graphics of the Xbox 720 are also set to be pretty similar to the PS4.


ouya gaming

The Ouya is a system that not many people have heard about among all the hype of the PS4 and the Xbox 720. The interesting thing about the Ouya is that it is expected to be running on a modified version of Android 4.1, otherwise known as Jelly Bean. Not too much is known about the Ouya games, though it is sure to be an interesting competitor in the gaming world. It is also expected that the Ouya will have its own Ouya store, much like Google Play on Android bases smart phones. Besides this, we donít know too much about the Ouya except that it is supposed to hit the stores with a measly $99 price tag, which could swing many peoples votes to go for it rather than more expensive consoles.

As we can see, 2013 is set to be a very interesting year in the gaming world. We donít know all the details about what the year will bring, but we are sure to be dazzled with updated systems of our previous favorite consoles as well as all new consoles that should be a very interesting addition to the market.

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